Chinese Language Courses & Pricing

How to Learn Chinese with Hong Tu

We strongly believe that you learn languages best when studying and practicing. We teach you the language in the classroom and then give you the resources to master it between classes. This has two advantages:

  • It works. With regular study and one weekly class, our students learn Chinese as fast or faster than a college class.
  • It is less expensive.
  • If you put the time in, you can master Chinese.

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Group Classes or Private Lessons – Which are best for you?

Our language course packages are broken out into group and individual options. Read on to learn which is the best fit for you.

Group Classes – Starting at $150/month

Group classes offer the opportunity to study with other people passionate about Chinese language & culture in our small group classes. The maximum class size is 8. Typically classes range from 3 to 6 people and offer a less expensive option. Group courses do require that you study at the pace of the group, which is typically slower than private lessons. They also do not offer flexible scheduling. While we are unable to reschedule missed lessons, we do offer the opportunity for makeup lessons at a reduced rate.

Private Lessons – Starting at $375/month

Private lessons offer the fastest paced learning option for you. You will learn faster, because you are the focus of a trained native speaking instructor for the entire hour. Each lesson is based on your pace and learning needs. Private lessons are more convenient. You schedule lessons at the best time for you. We are also able to reschedule private lessons with 24 hours notice.

Business Language Packages – Starting at $600

If you are an international business person who travels frequently, this course was designed for you. The goal is to make traveling more convenient and winning business deals easier. To allow you to learn Chinese despite your travel and work schedule, this package offers flexible scheduling and can be completed over a period of 3 to 4 months.
*This package offers you the ability to purchase a set of lessons and use them when you have time.

Business Travel Package Pricing

  • Basic Start – 6 business language – $600
  • Quick Start – 12 business language lessons – $1,100
  • Fast Track – 24 business language lessons – $2,000

Immersion Preparation Courses – Starting at $600

The first few weeks of learning a new language are difficult. Your brain is learning new sounds, patterns and a new way to think. Don’t waste the first few weeks of your immersion program. You will learn far more if you start with a base.

You can expect to:

  • Land in China ready to learn.
  • Enjoy energetic and focused lessons.
  • Meet twice a week for 1 hour.
  • Study for one hour a day.

Immersion Prep Course Pricing:

  • Basic Group Course- 6 week 12 lesson package – $600/person*minimum of 3 students
  • Quick Start Group Course- 12 week 24 lesson package – $1000/person*
  • Basic Individual Course – 12 lesson package – $1,100
  • Quick Start Individual Course – 24 lesson package – $2,000