Learn Chinese in a Free Introductory Lesson

in Broomfield, CO

In one hour, you will learn:

  • How to master Chinese faster with our best tips.
  • How to greet people on the street and thank people who have helped you.
  • How to order hot and cold drinks.

Bonus: We’ll give you a list of the best tools, apps, and websites for learning Chinese.

Here are the Details

Beginner Chinese Language Lesson
How to master Chinese faster with our best tips.
January 6, 2018 at 2:00 p.m.
The class will run approximately 1 hour.
6343 W. 120th Ave, Suite 221
Broomfield, CO 80020

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Read all 11 reviews:

Sharon is a fantastic instructor and with the small class sizes she can really tailor the material to the student’s strengths and weaknesses in learning such a difficult language

Eric W

I studied with Sharon a few years back, for a year or two. It was an incredible experience: I learned quickly, and what I learned I was able to use right away in my work travels in China. My most proud moment was when I was able to make a humorous comment to Chinese colleagues, and they got it and laughed. All thanks to Sharon and Mike. Sharon is the best teacher you can imagine. You will move quickly, but both have fun as well as retain what you learn. I cannot recommend Hong Tu any more highly.

Geoff O

I learned how to speak Chinese through Hong Tu and can’t say enough good things about them. Sharon is the best teacher I have had, for any subject, ever. She teaches very naturally with useful Chinese mixed in from the beginning and is knowledgeable about the teaching method and frank when answering questions.

Zack T

I only took the course for a little while, but it was excellent. You learn a lot of information in a short amount of time. Sharon is very patient and very entertaining. I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up again if I moved back to Denver.

Bionca M

I have had a great experience with Hong Tu. Mike and Sharon have both been great. The language instruction that I have received from the school is truly world class.

Jackie E

The class sizes are small which is perfect for learning a new language. Sharon, the teacher, is amazing and you’ll be surprised by how quickly you pick up Mandarin.

Amanda M

My experience with Mike and Sharon was wonderful. I lived in China for two years with my family. With only a few lessons, Sharon brought back the things I learned while there and a wealth of new material. My thanks to Mike and Sharon for my great experience.

Gary S

Hong Tu is a great place to learn practical Chinese language. I put up with a sometimes lengthy commute because of Sharon, the teacher. She is informative, self-effacing, energetic, and patient. I highly recommend Hong Tu to anyone wanting to learn or improve his or her Chinese skills and understanding of Chinese culture.

Carol H

I studied with Sharon for a couple of years, and I can say that I learned so much about not only the language but the richness of the culture as well.

Laura J

Hong Tu is a fantastic place to learn Chinese! After I graduated, I started searching for private Chinese lessons to help build on what I learned in two semesters’ worth of college Chinese. Hong Tu turned out to be exactly what I was looking for and more. Sharon is a wonderful teacher – funny, patient, helpful and an expert in teaching both Traditional (Taiwan) and Simplified (China) Chinese.

Yegor P

Hong Tu is great for learning Mandarin Chinese. I took the free introductory class last summer and learned so much in just that one class! Sharon is a very knowledgeable and patient instructor. Hope to one day take their ongoing mastery course!

Helene K

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