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The Right Mental Framework for Learning Chinese

How you approach a challenge has an enormous impact on your ability to succeed. Your approach is driven by your understanding of the challenge. We have come across 5 common expectations that are just plain wrong. All of these expectations cause people significant problems in learning any language including Chinese. Consider our arguments below as […]

How to Study Chinese

As you begin to study Chinese, research shows that you will go through a series of stages. Your pace in moving through these stages depends on the program you select, how diligently you study and your natural ability to learn words and phrases. You will move through these stages faster if you study with a […]

Learning Chinese – How You Study Matters

Learning Chinese (or any language..maybe anything) requires that you focus on two areas: Knowledge and Skill. You will generally start by building your knowledge of the language. This simply means you have to memorize facts like vocabulary. In this area techniques like spaced repetition study will help you learn the language more efficiently. This basically means studying […]

Make Learning Chinese Your New Habit

We tell our clients that learning Chinese is easy and it really can be easy, but you need to do a few things right. It just takes time and practice which means you need the discipline to follow through. That’s an intimidating sentence, but it does not need to be. You can successfully build new habits by […]