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This is How You Should be Studying Chinese

Everyone is busy these days. Everyone. I was thinking about how difficult it is to find time to work on projects like studying Chinese. Here is how I prioritize the different aspects of learning Chinese. I am not suggesting that you try to do everything in each lesson, but these should be your priorities as […]

Do You Make These 3 Mistakes When Speaking Chinese?

Speaking Chinese can be difficult. It is okay to make a few mistakes, but some mistakes make your Mandarin appear worse than it really is. These mistakes can even make you sound less intelligent than you are. Here are three common mistakes that do just that: This (food) is moral. The mistake: 这个很好 – zhège […]

Thank you!

Hi Everyone! Just a quick post saying thank you. Ching Yen and I feel very blessed to have all of you in our lives. Our favorite part of this business is the cool and interesting people that we meet and spend time with. We’re happy that we’ve been able to stay in touch with many […]

Finding Time to Study During the Holidays

Studying or working on any projects can be difficult during the holidays. Here are a few quick tips on learning Chinese during the holidays. Remember that just like any other time of year, habits start during the holidays. If you want to speak Chinese, don’t make not studying Chinese a new habit. Schedule December Have you […]