Learn About the Hong Tu Attendance Policy

Success in classes depends on regular attendance. Students who are regularly late or miss class almost always fall behind and have a difficult time catching up to their classmates.

Policy Statement:

  • Students are expected to attend and participate in all scheduled classes.
  • All classes cancelled by instructor will be rescheduled.
  • The school will provide one day per month “Office Hour” as an open learning class to make up any classes the student may have missed.  Office Hour will be the last Saturday each month, and is subject to change. Students will need to register for this in advance on line here.
  • Students should notify the school either by email or phone at:


720-352-0312 – Text

303-766-5025 ext 701

Group Classes:

The school will be unable to provide any one-on-one makeup classes.  There will be one “Office Hour” lesson per month that students can attend — see policy statement above.

Private Classes:

24-hr. notice is required prior to being absent.  The school will not reschedule classes without 24-hr. notice.  

Refund Policy:

Hong Tu Language Center has a NO REFUND policy, but will reschedule for the following situations:

  1. Personal illness, or
  2. Serious illness/death in the family, or
  3. Extremely inclement weather, or
  4. Special permission of the instructor (obtained IN ADVANCE, IN PERSON BY THE STUDENT)