About the Hong Tu – Chinese Language Center

Hi! Our names are Mike and Ching Yen. We own Hong Tu Chinese Business and Language Center and we appreciate your interest. You can learn more about the language center and each of us below.

Hong Tu means grand undertaking. Learning Mandarin Chinese is a grand undertaking. Not because it is overly difficult. It just isn’t that difficult to learn Mandarin. It is a grand undertaking because of the doors that speaking Mandarin will open in your life. You will better understand Chinese culture and you will be far more prepared to make a new friend on your next trip to China. If you do business in China, you will also benefit from the ability to develop a business network more quickly.

Hong Tu – Chinese Language Center is a trade name for the parent corporation, Hong Tu, LLC.

Hong Tu Management and Staff

Chang Ching Yen, Lead Instructor and Owner

Ching Yen is from Taichung, Taiwan.  She taught Chinese as a second language to students from all over the world at Providence University from 1998 to 2007.

She started teaching in Colorado in 2008 and opened the language center in 2010. Clients enjoy her perspective and insight into Chinese culture and her fast paced teaching style that pushes people to practice and master the language as quickly as possible.

Ching Yen Chang's Taiwan License to Teach Chinese as a Second Language

Michael Black, Co-Owner

Michael earned a Bachelors Degree  from the University of Colorado with a major in both German and Psychology and then received a Master of Social Work through the University of Denver. Michael moved to Taiwan in 1999 where he started out teaching English and eventually ran an English school. Michael experienced the struggle of adjusting to Chinese culture firsthand during his 8 years in Taiwan. Michael used his background in psychology and human behavior to help the Chinese owners and western workers communicate and work together productively.

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